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At a recent day organised for the locals at Comboyne,


John and Rebecca Corrigan  practice to give them ‘an edge’ against the competition coming to the the Comboyne Campdraft on the last weekend in November.

At the Comboyne Showground on the 26th and 27th November you will be able to experience the fast growing sport of Campdrafting where men and women (and children from as young as 8years) pit their riding skills and horse abilities against one another – originally born in the bush as entertainment in harsh droving conditions, to demonstrate who was the superior horseman and who had the best horses.

One of the biggest events on the Comboyne Showground 2016 Calendar, will feature 650 entries (now closed), local Sponsorship totalling around $3000 and will require around 700 cattle over the 2 days. The Comboyne Agricultural and Horticultural Association Inc. has run the Campdraft over the past 6 years, and is Affiliated with the Australian Bushman’s Campdraft and Rodeo Association Ltd. (ABCRA)  which conducts a point scoring system to determine the National Champions.

 You are invited to enjoy the Campdraft, and the famous Country Cooking and Bar B Que, with breakfast and lunch available on both days at the Showground Tearooms.

Come and experience a uniquely Australian sport, by visiting the Comboyne Campdraft 26th/ 27th November at the Comboyne Showground. Entry is by gold coin donation, which this year will be supporting the Comboyne Rural Fire Service.


Below are some of the best photos from past Campdrafts

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campdraftcomboyne-314-580x309 campdraftcomboyne-207-580x350 campdraftcomboyne-208-580x358 campdraftcomboyne-209-580x298 campdraftcomboyne-210-580x351 campdraftcomboyne-211-580x379 campdraftcomboyne-212-580x369 campdraftcomboyne-213-580x387 campdraftcomboyne-216-580x438 campdraftcomboyne-256-580x234 campdraftcomboyne-294-580x340 campdraftcomboyne-304-580x316

comboynecampdraft-569-580x390 comboynecampdraft-189-580x424 comboynecampdraft-199-580x362 comboynecampdraft-304-580x279 comboynecampdraft-316-580x231 comboynecampdraft-356-580x418 comboynecampdraft-544-580x273 comboynecampdraft-546-580x243

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